Bismarckia palm🌴 “Bismarckia nobilis”

Bismarckia palm🌴 “Bismarckia nobilis”

Bismarckia palm🌴 “Bismarckia nobilis”

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AED810.00 ex.VAT


100 — 140 cm Overall Height

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Bismarckia palm 🌴.

Bismarckia nobilis is  massive tropical palm commands attention and inspires awe wherever it is grown. The Bismarck palm’s stout trunk and symmetry of the huge crown lends a formal note while the startling blue green foliage amplifies the visual impact of this big beauty. It grows a single trunk that is smooth on mature specimens but young individuals retain old leaf bases. This palm may reach an ultimate height of 50-60 ft (15-18m) with a spread of 20 ft (6m) or more.

Max Height: 15-18m

Spread: upto 6m

Common Name: Bismarck Palm

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Sun Tolerance: High

Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Medium

Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: slow


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