Cactus Dry flower 5 – 10cm


Cactus Dry flower 5 – 10cm

AED15.00AED140.00 ex.VAT

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AED15.00AED140.00 ex.VAT

Colourful Flower Cactus Plants With Artificial Tops

Size: 5-10cm


Note: Price Aed15/plant.

Some of them might not match shape shown in the picture. Selection will be subject to available shape and variety. All cactus comes in default plastic pot.


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A fun collection of colourful cacti plants with articial flowers.

The cacti families are succulents which store moisture in their pads, stems and trunks to use during dry and drought periods.

  • This cactus is real however the flower is artificial.

The form is cute and charming deemed certainly can beautify your home, either when placed in the room and when placed in the park. Not to mention, how to cactus care classified as very easy.

  • Family: Cactaceae

    Water Requirement: Medium

    Sun Tolerance: High

    Drought Tolerance: High

    PH Level: Basic

    Pest Tolerance: Medium

    Disease Tolerance: Medium

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