Canna Lilly (Canna Indica)

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Canna Lilly (Canna Indica)

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AED22.00 ex.VAT

Size: 40-60cm Bushy


Common Name: Canna Lily, Indian Shot

Sun Tolerance: Medium To High

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: High

Growth Rate: Fast

Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium





The canna lily plant is a rhizomatous perennial with tropical-like foliage and large flowers that resemble that of iris. Canna lilies are low maintenance and easy to grow, and both their flowers and foliage offer long-lasting color in the garden. Flower color may be red, orange or yellow. Depending on the variety, foliage color varies from green to maroon, bronze, and variegated types.

Canna indica or Canna Green is rhizomatous perennial with ovate-lance-shaped to oblong, dark green, often bronze-tinted leaves, to 50cm long. Racemes or panicles of iris-like, bright red or soft orange flowers, 5-7cm across. Height 1-1.5m, Spread 50cm.


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