Cyperus alternifolius – umbrella papyrus

Cyperus alternifolius – umbrella papyrus

cyperus alternifolius Grass

Cyperus alternifolius – umbrella papyrus

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AED30.00 ex.VAT

Size: 40-60cm Bushy

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Cyperus Alternifolius

‘Umbrella Plant’

USES: Provides an oriental and tropical effect. Used as an accent, silhouette or back ground, in planters, containers or pots. Looks good in or near the margins of streams, ponds, water features and around pools.

SIZE: Grows upto 80-120cm tall with a clumping spread of 60cm. Initially fast growing to 1.5m tall.

LOCATION: Full sun to partial shade provided there is sufficient moisture available. Does well in the more humid coastal locations in or near water or near the ample irrigation and humidity of a lawn. Not so good in the open, hot, dry desert regions.


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