Dieffenbachia (Compacta, Dumb Cane)


Dieffenbachia (Compacta, Dumb Cane)

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AED30.00 ex.VAT

30-40 cm Overall Height.

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Dieffenbachia is one of the easiest indoor houseplants to grow — and one of the most common indoor plants.

Dieffenbachia is a genus of tropical flowering plants in the family Araceae. It is native to the New World Tropics from Mexico and the West Indies south to Argentina.

Dieffenbachia plants require medium to high light. Direct sun burns the leaves and too much bright light causes the vibrant leaf color to fade. Water well and then allow the top 2″-3″ of soil to dry out before watering again.If the soil gets too dry, bottom leaves may turn yellow. If the plant is over watered, stems rot and get mushy and bottom leaves die.


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