Monstera deliciosa 100-120cm


Monstera deliciosa 100-120cm

AED285.00 ex.VAT

100-120cm Height. DEFAULT PLASTIC POT 

Water once in a week. When you do water make sure you aim to get all of the compost evenly moist, then wait until it has dried out some before watering again.



Monstera deliciosa (common names: Ceriman, Swiss Cheese Plant. Monstera is easily recognizable to its large cut leaves that make it a popular plant. Younger specimens will have full leaves; the cuts begin to appear as the plant gets older, when the conditions are right. The plant produces long, brown aerial roots it uses in the wild to get a hold on the trees on which it grows in jungles, thus supporting it’s weak stem that is unable to support its own weight once the plant has more than two or three leaves.

Monstera can grow just about anywhere in your home! It tolerates low light, but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot. That said, avoid strong, direct sunlight because it may burn the leaves.

Don’t allow the pot to stand in water, as this will cause root rot. It’s best to mist Monstera in the morning so the water has plenty of time to evaporate before evening.


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