Neem, Shereesh

Neem Tree

Neem, Shereesh

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‘Azadirachta indica’

FAMILY: Azadirachta

USES: A semi-evergreen, (briefly cold deciduous), flowering, small to medium, perennial tree with a dense, bushy, rounded canopy and a straight trunk.

SIZE: 8 – 10 Metre

LOCATION: Full sun

Azadirachta indica “Neem Tree” is medium-sized tree, up to 15m tall, with wide-spreading branches forming an oval crown. Leaves are pinnately compound, drooping; leaflets are to 1cm long or more, paired, acuminate; margins are serrate. Blade is a shiny dark-green on the upper surface and pale green below. Flowers are numerous, small, white and fragrant.

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