NPK 12-12-17 (+2+TE) 25kg Bag


NPK 12-12-17 (+2+TE) 25kg Bag

AED10.00AED175.00 ex.VAT

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AED10.00AED175.00 ex.VAT

  • Every granule contains all nutrients and micronutrients

  • Classic fertilizer – without enhancement technology
  • Rich in potassium, for crops with a high K demand or soils with a poor K supply
  • High in phosphate, for usage on soils with low phosphate availability or plants with high P demand
  • High proportion of the phosphate is immediately available for the plants

  • Blaukorn NPK Fertilizer
  • Size – 25kg Bag
  • Type : Fertilizers
  • Brand : Blaukorn
  • Made in Germany

    25 KG Bag/ KG

    Please note below 25 kilos are being shipped in plastic bag loose without original packing.

    Quantity (One kilogram) purchased when you add to cart (1) Example: If you order 2 QTY: overall weight of package will be 2 kilograms.

    incase you require original pack then order 25 kg option.

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NPK 12-12-17

Granulated solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer for crops with high K demand. Withdrawal-oriented formulation with magnesium, sulfur and trace elements for demand-oriented fertilization.

NOTICE: Careful tests have proven that the product is suitable for the recommended purposes when used in accordance with our instructions. However, since storage and use are beyond our control and we are unable to foresee all circumstances arising therefrom, we are only liable for a consistent quality of the product, but the risk of its storage and use is not borne by us.

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