Pachira triple trunk (Money Tree)

pachira aquatica 3PP

Pachira triple trunk (Money Tree)

AED375.00 ex.VAT

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AED375.00 ex.VAT

Size: 1.5m Height, 60-70mm Trunk Dia

  • Avoid getting water on the trunk, which causes stem rot.
  • Average 2-3 times a month water.
  • Find a bright (Indirect Sunlight) spot for your money tree. It thrives under fluorescent light, making this small tree an ideal office plant.

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Pachira is a commonly found houseplant. Its is known by common name (Money Tree or Money Plant). This indoor tree stores water in its trunk and therefore requires comparatively little care. Pachira is ideal for people who like impressive greenery in their homes but would rather not spend too much time maintaining it.

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