Pennisetum Setaceum

Peperomia Ginny or Tricolor Peperomia

Pennisetum Setaceum

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AED20.00 ex.VAT

African Fountain Grass or Tender Fountain Grass

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USES: Used for its year round plume display. Provides movement in the landscape. A great groundcover, en masse, silhouette, as a specimen, accent, background or foundation plant.

SIZE: Grows 0.6 – 1.2m tall with a clumping spread of 30-45cm.

LOCATION: Full sun and reflected heat to light partial shade. Does well in both the more humid coastal locations with protection from direct salt spray and in the open, hot, dry desert regions.

WATER: Keep soil moist. Drought tolerant once established, although best appearance is with regular water.


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