Peperomia White marble | Variegated Peperomia

Peperomia marble or Variegated

Peperomia White marble | Variegated Peperomia

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AED40.00 ex.VAT

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Peperomia White marble

Peperomia marble or Variegated Peperomia is an evergreen flowering perennial plant. They are compact and frequently don’t exceed 12 inches (30 cm) tall. They vary considerably in appearance. Some have threadlike, trailing stems and some have fleshy, stout stems. The leaves are smooth and fleshy and may be oval with the leafstalk at or near the center of the leaf blade, or they may be heart-shaped or lance-shaped; their size might vary from 1–4 inches (2.5–10.2 cm) long. They may be inexperienced or stripy, marbled or bordered with pale green, red or gray, and the petioles of some kinds are red.

  • Light:   Bright Indirect light or moderate light.
  • Water:  Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. Water slowly once top layer of soil is dry.
  • Soil:     Peperomia loves well-draining soil. Opt for a soil mixture with equal amounts of perlite and peat moss.


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