Portulacaria Afra ‘Elephant Bush’

Portulacaria Afra ‘Elephant Bush’

Portulacaria Afra ‘Elephant Bush’

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AED4.00 ex.VAT

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Portulacaria Afra known as Elephant Bush, many-branched, succulent shrub with a thick, fleshy stem and elliptic, glossy, mid-green leaves, sometimes red-margined, 2-4cm long. Bears star-shaped, white to pale pink flowers, to 8mm across, in autumn.


USES: A strong informal low hedge. Also does well as a low barrier plant, en masse, in borders, rock gardens, pots or containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, green walls. Sometimes seen as a cascade over planters, terraces, and balconies. Around pools, courtyards and under canopied trees.

SIZE: Grows 0.5 – 1.2m tall with a 1m spread and is slow growing.

LOCATION: Full sun and reflected heat to light partial shade. Does well in both coastal areas and the hotter, drier interior regions.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 12:12:17 NPK annually in spring. Apply a light application of low nitrogen fertiliser in autumn.

WATER: Allow the soil the plant is growing in to approach dryness before applying water. Prefers deep, periodic irrigation. Reduce in winter. Does not accept over irrigation or waterlogging which will lead to rot at the base.



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