Zamia Furfuracea (Cardboard Palm)

Zamia furfuracea or Cardboard Palm

Zamia Furfuracea (Cardboard Palm)

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AED65.00 ex.VAT

Size: 40-60cm Height



Zamia furfuracea is also known as Cardboard palm.

Short cycad with a trunk mainly south, unbranched or truncated, is Zamia furfuracea (Cardboard Palm). Bears terminal rosette, 100 cm in length with up to 24 lance-like, leathery, dark green leaflets, each with a conical up to 60 flipped leaflets, sometimes teated in the top half of them. Tall, russet-green, 10-13 cm long female flower cones are normally produced in summer.

Max Height: 1-1.3m

Family: Zamiaceae

Common Name: Cardboard Palm

Flower Colour: Brown

Drought Tolerance: High

Sun Tolerance: Medium to High

Wind Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Slow



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